RV Maintenance Tips

Learn to maintain your RV, be safer, save money and learn about the RV Industry

James West is a Certified Red Seal RV Technician and has worked in the RV Repair Industry for 17 years

He has been teaching RV maintenance courses since 2011 but is no longer teaching at his shop

He has had his own very successful RV Repair Business called The Kilted Tech RV Repair since 2015

He has taught over 400 RV owners how to care and maintain all types of motorhomes, travel trailers and campers

You can tap into his expertise and learn from our professionally video taped course just as if you were in his classroom.  James uses his own props, tools and examples that he has been collecting for many years specifically for teaching

He is so successful and in demand that he is booked 8 months in advance and our clients will wait for his availability as they know his work will be done correctly. Yes, he’s that popular!

He has been observing the RV industry for 17 years and has learned what to do and what NOT to do

If you are already an owner or are considering purchasing a motorhome, travel trailer or camper this powerful information packed course goes over many and all aspects of owning an RV

Topics are practical, varied and geared towards anyone who is new to RV’ing or is a seasoned owner. Everything is explained simply, concisely and in layman’s terms so everyone understands

Our course is in depth and easy for you to follow using real products and materials


If you are considering purchasing an RV this will help you to know some basic principles, general care and maintenance. Salesmen say you don’t need to maintain your unit for 10 years but this is not the case! You will learn how to prevent common damage and save thousands of dollars in future expenses


If you’ve owned a unit for many, many years you will still learn all the details regarding construction, all the major electrical, plumbing and propane systems and most importantly, the safety of your unit. All you really want to do is go camping or road tripping safely and stress free


This course is perfect for women who travel alone (or have a partner) and need to know the basics in case of an emergency. We have many ladies who take our course and feel much safer afterwards. You don’t want to always wonder if your unit is working properly or if you can help your partner, especially if you’re not near an RV repair shop


The RV industry is changing substantially. Many young people are not taking RV technician training courses in college, so older technicians are not teaching RV repair, small RV repair shops owners are retiring and the dealerships are getting too big. Our clients tell us there are too many middlemen and the lack of communication is frustrating.

Thousands of people are retiring and buying RV’s every year but it’s difficult to get servicing. Doing some of your own maintenance will help you if you cannot get an appointment. Many dealerships will not work on a unit unless you purchase your unit from them and some do not work on older units.  

With rising costs of hotels, resorts and Air Bnb’s, more people are turning towards snow birding, road trips and camping. Being comfortable and safe in your own coach is cost effective and more peaceful. Learning to maintain your coach so it lasts for 10 or 15 years is more enjoyable and more fun too!

How will YOU BENEFIT from this Course?

What you’ll learn is not from any manual, book or youtube video. James will teach you tips and tricks to PROTECT YOURSELF and how to RESOLVE issues without always having to go to an RV dealership. If you do he goes over what to expect to make your overall experience easier by teaching you the terminology, lingo and have an open dialogue so you can be empowered by being better prepared about your unit and how RV dealerships operate. He goes over industry secrets and all of our clients and students trust James for the correct information. It’s so important today. 

You will no longer have the fear of dealing with service staff and how to avoid miscommunications so your technician doesn’t miss anything or do something incorrectly (oh, the stories). You will overcome the issues that you may not be able to deal with on your own and will help you watch out for RED FLAGS TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY 

MEET JAMES west and view his course curriculum: 

Curriculum: Lesson 1 & 2: Construction & Tips

  • Introduction and Overview
  • The different types of motorhomes, travel trailers and campers: materials of general RV construction and how they are built
  • What to look out for when buying a new or used RV (many secrets)
  • Protecting yourself from common pitfalls
  • Flooring, roofing, water leaks (checking for water damage and how to save thousands of dollors)
  • How to improve your relationship with dealerships and repair shops: knowing the ‘lingo’ and communication skills (many secrets)
  • Explaining warranties and extended warranties
  • Yeti Artic Package
  • Sealants and maintaining the exterior
  • Awnings, Slide Toppers and accessories
  • Slideouts: types of mechanisms and general maintenance
  • Ways to avoid rodent and vermin damage

Lesson 3: Electrical Systems

  • The difference between A/C and D/C and understanding how electricity works (in layman’s terms)
  • Shore power, diagnosing and safety tips
  • Batteries: maintenance tips and sizes
  • Generator and solar power high lighting key issues
  • Inverters: high lighting key issues
  • Converters and charging batteries
  • Self diagnosing common issues and how to resolve them, plus EXTRA tips

Lesson 4: Propane System

  • What is Propane and its characteristics? How all the components work together including asme tanks, cylinders, pigtails, propane lines, fittings and connections
  • The purging process, BBQ types
  • Propane SAFETY and regular system checks. Flame Characteristics
  • BTU: British Thermal Unit and how they apply to your system
  • Propane Detectors: understanding them, what they do and diagnosing faults 

Lesson 5: Appliances

  • Covering in detail: Fridges/cooling unit, washers and dryers, hot water heaters (conventional vs. on demand)
  • Microwaves and furnances
  • Stoves and Ovens and the principles of how they work
  • Air Conditioning and venting
  • Fridge Maintenance in detail
  • Maintenance tips and recalls
  • Self diagnosing and repairing common problems to save money
  • Bonus Section (everyone loves Bonuses)

Lesson 6: Plumbing

  • Fresh water system cleaning including water pumps, issues and how to reduce noise
  • Water line types, connections and repair work
  • Filters, city fill connections, one way check valves, and vacuum breakers
  • Faucets and aerator fixes
  • Grey water system cleaning and how it works with additional tips 
  • Black water systems cleaning and how it works with additional tips
  • Toilet maintenance & pre-charging tank
  • Hot water tank types, brands, diagnosing and maintenance tips
  • Bonus Section: ways to save money and time

James loves the RV industry and has a passion for his work! 

“I didn’t do the traditional route in life by getting married, buying a home and having kids. Instead I studied, trained and bought tools for my trade”

James used to be a fire fighter and paramedic for 10 years before taking his 4 year RV Certification Program and then started his very own successful RV Repair shop

“I love the RV industry and I’ve worked in a few RV dealerships. I’ve watched what was going on and knew that I wanted my own RV Repair business and teach. I get so many questions daily that I devised my course to help people with their units, people are starving for information”

James West – Owner of The Kilted Tech RV Repair

Our Powerful RV maintenance course ($699 value) will help you Feel Safe and Comfortable so that you can travel and enjoy your vacations and retirement


Professionally Filmed

We hired the best because we mean business. We don’t mess around


James is Funny!

He knows talking about RV’s is a bit dry so he uses humor to keep you engaged


Get the Online Course

Our online course is on your computer so you can watch the videos whenever you want. Just sit back, watch and take notes. Great for keeping with you when travelling. Since you are not downloading each video the storage on your computer will not be full, its on an online course platform. Your credit card information is secure. We don’t even see your information as Stripe handles the transaction and it’s encrupted end to end


James is Old School

Many of our clients and students are seasoned so they can relate to his style of teaching and communicating. He can’t email from his phone but he sure knows about tools and RV’s


He Uses Props

No boring power point presentation. He uses fridges, propane cylinders, and tons of other items he has collected for years specifically for teaching


He has Integrity

James is very honest, doesn’t sugar coat anything, tells it like it is and you can tell by our video that he is sincere. He thinks outside the box and finds ways to fix things whereas other technicians just replaces. Plus, he’s super nice and helpful. One review on Google says he’s ‘nicer than 1000 people combined’  


Prior Students LOVE James

People have literally told us that this is the best course they’ve ever taken and should be mandatory upon purchasing an RV


Knowing The Inner Workings

Never having to ever wonder again if your coach is safe or mold free. Knowing propane alone is peace of mind


Ordering the 4 Disc DVD Set for CD player or Blueray

Your DVD set can be kept with you while traveling. It’s in your hands, on your shelf and in your RV for future reference. Your purchase with your credit card is encrypted and a company called Stripe handles the billing end to end. 



It Makes The Perfect Gift!

For the person who has everything, needs help or wants to save thousands of dollars in repair costs. Ladies, do yourself a favor and get this for your husband!


He Teaches Another Course

Our Second course goes over the exterior and undercarriage inner workings. Soon to be available



Try this course (online or by DVD) risk free and we guarantee you will have a better understanding of your coach. We also provide One on One Coaching Sessions so please call me if you have any questions or if you just want to find out if I’m the real deal at: 1-778-808-4548

James West

It’s Easy to Sign up  

Learn from James’ experience and knowledge. He’s the best in the business 


This course is easy, convenient and relaxing. You can sit back, relax and take notes, no quizzes or tests


You can watch the DVD set, watch it over when you need it and lend it to your kids. Plus Free Shipping!


It’s a wonderful gift for someone who needs expert advice and wants to save money


Learn to be safe and prevent future damage and costs

You Will Learn in Detail:


The tools, tips and techniques to master your own sealant inspection and how to avoid thousands of dollars in repair costs. How to prevent water leaks and learn the importance of owning a $50-90 moisture meter


The common materials used in construction of RV units. The pros and cons of different methods and materials ie. Loose hung vs. Bonded. Tricks and tips to SILENCE noisy water pumps and pre-charging the sewer tank


How to get the most out of your batteries and we discuss diagnosing and resolving common problems. Understanding the complete propane system, safety, and to aleviate fears associated with your propane tanks 


All the ins and outs of how fridges work, maintenance and especially how to avoid common problems with fridges and furnaces. How to fix communication breakdowns with dealerships and repair shops. How to communicate your needs to service staff to avoid misunderstandings and items not being repaired correctly


Our Students Love James

Our company reviews on Google + and Yelp are all 5*

His students become lifelong clients and constantly tell him that he is their go-to guy. He is honest, speaks from his heart and has integrity.

See our REAL reviews of his course:

Bill M.

“Been RV’ing for 35 years and had a few myths and urban legends clarified. Very informative. I am a retired teacher so I’m aware of what makes a lesson. I really appreciate your use of hands on stuff. Visuals kept us focused! Loved it and it exceeded my expectations ”

Wayne W.

“Very informative. Took the course because we didn’t know anything. No way we would have learned as much just by using the RV and reading manuals. Really appreciate the extra and personal assistance. It can be daunting especially when our RV has issues so it was very comforting and thank you for going the extra mile”

Jim A.

“James was very conscious of the needs and level of knowledge of the class. Good humor throughout! Kept us engaged. Lots of detail on products used. Good hands on. It was very important that he covered the battery systems and their implications. Enjoyed it very much ”

Diane B.

“I like the way he draws on personal experience and tells us what he has encountered, the good the bad and the ugly. A no nonsence course. A lot of information and very beneficial and well presented as well as all the stuff he brings to class for the students to see first hand ”

Alan S.

“Excellent, super presenter and course. We could not have asked for more. James went 300% out of his way to accomodate our needs and answer questions. This course should be mandatory at all R.V. dealerships!”

Ron G.

“This was one of the best courses that I’ve ever taken. James is very professional and knowledgable. He was very helpful and never made anyone feel silly when they asked a question. I’d recommend this course to my fellow RV’ers all day”

You have questions?

Is this course for someone who wants to train to be an RV technician?

No, there is no certification from taking this course. You’d have to take the 4 year RV Technician Journeyman course and apprenticeship at your local college or university

Is there a test?

No! There are no quizzes or a final exam. This is for informational purposes only. We want to help you maintain your coach easier and this is relaxing and in no way stressful

Will I learn to rebuild or renovate my motorhome by taking this course?

No, it is for maintenance, tips, and safety concerns only. He does not explain redoing existing wiring, plumbing or installing systems. We do get many calls about renovating units but will consider this as a future course

What if I have questions and want to know if James is the real deal? Is there support?

Yes, please email us at: rvcourses101@gmail.com and James will email you back personally. If you want to speak to James about your unit or his course you can call us at:

The Kilted Tech RV Repair   

PH: 1-778-808-4548 

We are in Vancouver, BC 

Will 15 hours of video in the online course fill up my computer?

No, you are watching the videos whenever you want on an online course platform, not downloading them. You will have no storage issues from this course. We do recommend watching all 15 hours to watch at your leisure or when traveling but if you’re mostly interested in plumbing and not solar panels, just watch plumbing. It’s very detailed and worth the money ($20/hour). James devised the course to help people searching for answers

Will James be able to work on my coach?

Unfortunately, probably not. He is booked 7-8 months in advance (which is unheard of) and can barely squeeze in our regular clients. Plus we do not do any mobile work and you’re probably not close to our shop near Vancouver, BC. We’re sorry, but you can call him with questions. He even diagnoses over the phone

Will I learn to reseal my roof, windows or walls?

No, he discusses sealant inspections but resealing is explained in our second course which is in the works. It is also an excellent course that goes over the exterior and undercarriage of coaches

Will I learn what to look for when I'm purchasing a unit?

Yes, James explains exactly what to ask and look for especially to find out if there is any water damage. He goes over the actual tools you need and what questions to ask. He has literally saved people tens of thousands of dollars by knowing this information

If I've been RV'ing for over 20 years will I learn anything?

Absolutely, he goes over tons of tricks and ways of making things easier. Most people never had a proper walkthrough of their unit so he goes over the whole gamut of information. Plus, its very detailed and most people do not speak to the technician that works on their coach. More information equals more understanding, knowledge and purchasing power for you. Plus it’s nice to go camping or on a road trip without worrying about your unit


* We also want you to know that credit card security is extremely important to us. That’s why we partnered with Stripe to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128-bit encryption. Frankly, your credit card data is safer making an online purchase through our secure site than it is using it to pay for gas or buy food at a restaurant. So feel comfortable knowing your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud *  



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IF YOU NEED SUPPORT our email is: rvcourses101@gmail.com OR if you WANT TO SPEAK TO JAMES cALL HIM AT:

The kilted tech rv repair at: ph 1-778-808-4548